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Avi Medical helps you with tremors

Trembling (medically: tremor) refers to a rhythmic muscle movement which is a normal body reaction usually harmless. In some cases, the tremors can also be caused by a serious illness. For your long-term health, it is recommended that you treat your tremor early. Our experienced doctors will accompany you at all our locations.

What is tremor

Tremor is not an independent clinical picture, but rather a symptom of other diseases - such as Parkinson's syndrome. The term describes a rhythmic involuntary twitching of individual parts of the body or the entire body, which can occur sporadically or persistently. The origin of the movement is theinteractionof two muscles acting in opposite directions.

When does it become tremor?

The diagnosis of tremor has numerous subgenres. Tremor is initially diagnosed in divided into the following categories:

  • Rest tremor. The tremor occurs when the body is stationary 
  • Action tremor. The tremor occurs when the body is in motion 
  • Postural tremor. The tremor occurs when a body part is consciously held in the air 

Moreover, doctors know the following tremor genera: 

  • essential tremor. This tremor, which is often inherited, occurs when those affected hold their arms forward. The tremor gets worse over time
  • orthostatic tremor. This rare tremor usually occurs in old age and is characterized by the feeling of trembling legs. The result is frequent falls.

What triggers tremors?

The triggers of a tremor are varied and often unexplained. The most important proven causes include:

  • strokes. In this case, doctors speak of the so-called Holmes tremor
  • mental disorders. This tremor usually disappears as soon as the person affected is distracted 
  • Parkinson's syndrome
  • cerebellum damage
  • Fear 
  • cold
  • low blood pressure
  • hyperthyroidism

What are possible symptoms of tremors?

A tremor is marked by: 

  • an involuntary muscle movement that can occur in different parts of the body, at different times and at different frequencies

Treating Tremors at Avi Medical

The first step in treating your tremor is the diagnosis. As part of this, we at Avi Medical first clarify the trigger of the tremors. For this purpose, the following medical measures are used: 

  • Laboratory controls (including for deficiency symptoms and thyroid values)
  • neurological examinations 

The following is targeted therapy - appropriate to the cause of the tremor. In cases where there is a serious underlying disease or disorder (such as an overactive thyroid), this is treated primarily. 

For essential and orthostatic tremors, therapy includes medications such as beta blockers and epilepsy preparations.