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How Avi Medical can help you with arteriosclerosis

Arteriosclerosis is considered the starting point of many cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks or strokes . Together, these diseases affecting the heart and blood vessels are the most common cause of death in the world.

The early diagnosis of existing arteriosclerosis is therefore essential for your long-term health. The chronic degenerative disease cannot yet be causally cured. But: There are a variety of therapeutic options to alleviate the symptoms.

Our doctors at Avi Medical are available to assist you with all medical measures in the fight against arteriosclerosis at all of our locations. Always starting with the most important thing: targeted prevention, which includes, among other things, the early identification of your individual risk factors.  

What is arteriosclerosis?

Arteriosclerosis refers to pathological damage or narrowing of the artery walls, which can affect all layers of them and is caused by plaque deposits. This plaque consists of blood components such as lime or fat and from then on hinders the flow of blood vessels. The result: Muscles and organs are no longer adequately supplied with blood and therefore oxygen and nutrients. It is also possible for the deposits to detach, which then leads to embolisms.  

A subgenus of arteriosclerosis is arteriosclerosis, which is often used synonymously and sounds very similar. However, this term specifically refers to damage to the intima, i.e. the inner artery walls.    

When does it become arteriosclerosis?

Arteriosclerosis occurs at the moment when a reduced delivery capacity of the arteries due to damaged artery walls is diagnosed becomes.

What are the triggers of arteriosclerosis?

The development of arteriosclerosis has not yet been fully explained. However, the following factors have been proven to play a role:

-     Chronic stress on the artery walls caused by diseases such as high blood pressure, lipid metabolism disorders, rheumatism, diabetes and autoimmune diseases

-     Long-term regular consumption of toxic substances such as nicotine and alcohol

-     Obesity

-     genetic predisposition

-     Stress and sleep disorders   ;

-     Kidney insufficiency

Each of these factors leads to long-term damage to the artery walls, which is accompanied by plaque deposits. These deposits ultimately lead to an inflammatory reaction in the body. As a result, the body's own immune system cells attack and "eat" the deposits, forming so-called foam cells - which in turn also damage the artery walls. The result is a degenerative vicious circle that requires medical treatment. As doctors at Avi Medical, we are happy to assist you here.

What are possible causes of arteriosclerosis? 

Arteriosclerosis itself is asymptomatic. You can only recognize the clinical picture by the resulting consequential illnesses, which can occur throughout the body. These include:

-      coronary heart diseases such as narrowing of the coronary arteries and even a heart attack

-  ;    peripheral arterial occlusions such as intermittent claudication (occlusion of the leg arteries)  

-     diseases caused by a narrowing of arteries supplying the brain, such as dementia or stroke

-     intestinal and kidney infarction  

The treatment of arteriosclerosis at Avi Medical

Our experienced doctors at Avi Medical will accompany you through every step of your arteriosclerosis treatment. This consists of a total of three components:

-     Diagnostics of individual risk factors including check-up examinations (anamnesis, laboratory controls, sonography)

-     Targeted reduction of risk factors (e.g. through lifestyle changes or medications such as lipid and blood pressure lowering drugs) in conjunction with regular checks

-     Follow-up care for existing symptoms (e.g. with medications such as platelet inhibitors, which reduce the risk of the arteries becoming blocked again)