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Tiredness and exhaustion

What is tiredness and exhaustion and what are the consequences?

Each of us is familiar with the problem of fatigue. We understand this as a lack of attention, lack of strength and motivation. In itself, this condition is nothing pathological and often levels off again. However, if fatigue becomes noticeably frequent, lasts longer and has a negative impact on your everyday life, it makes sense to clarify the cause. A clarification is absolutely necessary, especially if your daytime tiredness leads to limited concentration, poor performance and even an increased risk of accidents (e.g. in traffic).

What are possible causes of tiredness and fatigue?

There can be a lot of things behind constant tiredness. Ultimately, of course, a lack of sleep could simply be responsible. But a lack of rest in everyday life, too little exercise, poor diet, too little fluid intake and emotional stress can also lead to a certain level of permanent fatigue. It is not uncommon for over- or under-demanding at work to be the trigger. Since fatigue can also be a companion to some internal illnesses, it's important to get to the bottom of the matter!

What should I do if I suffer from tiredness and fatigue?

Are you suffering from persistent fatigue and fatigue is an idea at a doctor makes sense. Through a detailed discussion, a physical examination and, if necessary, necessary laboratory tests, we will try to clarify the cause with you and find a suitable solution.