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Chronic fatigue (fatigue)

Avi Medical helps you with chronic fatigue

Around 250,000 people in this country suffer from chronic fatigue, which is also known as chronic fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is known. The very rare neurological disease is characterized by persistent, severe physical and mental weakness. This leads to inability to work in up to 75 percent of those affected, and up to 25 percent are even bedridden. CFS is often equated with fatigue, but the terms cannot be equated. Holistic therapy can alleviate the symptoms of the disease. Our experienced doctors will accompany you at all our locations.

What is chronic fatigue?

To date, there is no uniform definition for the clinical picture of chronic fatigue. However, most attempts at medical description mention the following factors:

  • the symptoms have a defined onset and do not exist lifelong< /li>
  • the symptoms are so pronounced that they result in a significant reduction in individual physical, mental and social abilities and thus massively impair the quality of life 
  • the symptoms worsen due to mental or physical stress 
  • the symptoms cannot be explained by other physical or psychological illnesses   

When does it become chronic fatigue?For a certain diagnosis of chronic fatigue The following three symptoms must be present at the same time and have existed for at least half of the duration of the illness. These are: 

  • a substantial limitation in the ability to engage in professional, school, social or personal activities compared to the time before the illness. This must last longer than six months and be accompanied by fatigue
  • fatigue after physical exertion (English: post-exertional malaise)
  • non-restorative sleep< /li>

In addition to this trio, must be at least one of the two following symptoms is present: cognitive limitations (poor concentration, slowed thinking, memory problems) orthostatic intolerance (inability to maintain an upright body position for long periods of time) What are the triggers of chronic fatigue?The triggers of chronic fatigue are still largely unknown. However, the disease occurs often associatedwith the following factors: 

  • previous viral diseases (infectious mononucleosis, enterovirus, dengue virus infection, Q fever, Lyme Illness and Coronavirus infection)
  • Stress and severe psychological stress
  • previous accident or operation
  • unexplained autoimmune processes in the body

What are possible symptoms of chronic fatigue?The typical symptoms of chronic fatigue include : 

  • persistent tiredness/fatigue after and without previous physical stress
  • cognitive limitations 
    orthostatic intolerance

Treatment of chronic fatigue at Avi MedicalA extensive exclusion diagnosis with extensive laboratory diagnostics is the first step in the treatment of your chronic fatigue. If anything is unclear, this includes a referral to a specialist or to hospital for a skull MRI.This is followed by therapy for the symptoms, which includes the following measures: 

  • Help for positive acceptance and understanding of the impairment caused by the illness
  • integrated psychosocial and somatic care
  • physical activity while avoiding overload
  • cognitive-behavioral procedures
  • Treatment of other symptoms (e.g. sleep disorders and pain)
  • in rare cases: drug treatment (e.g Supplementation for accompanying iron deficiency)