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Cardiovascular check-up

What is the cardiovascular check-up at Avi Medical?

Around 90 percent of all heart attacks or strokes are caused by risk factors that can be measured and influenced. If you know your risk factors (elevated blood pressure or elevated cholesterol), you can take early and preventative care of your own health. The Avi Medical cardiovascular check-up supports you and goes far beyond conventional examinations. We take the time to carry out comprehensive examinations of your cardiovascular system and rely on advanced blood tests and stress ECGs in order to identify individual risk factors at an early stage.

Our goal is to work together with you To give you a complete picture of your current health status and identify possible risks in a timely manner. The  Cardiovascular check-up is suitable for people with family history of cardiovascular disease, people aged 40 and over and everyone who wants to actively take care of their heart health.

Where can I find more information about the cardiovascular check-up?

Detailed information about the cardiovascular check-up -up can be found here.