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360 degree check-up

What is the 360 ​​degree check-up at Avi Medical?

The Avi Medical 360 degree check-up is your all-round health package. In the midst of a hectic professional and private life, you should not neglect your health. Our unique prevention offering therefore goes far beyond conventional preventive examinations. We take the time to carry out thorough examinations of your important organs and use advanced blood tests, pulmonary function tests and stress ECGs to identify individual risk factors. Together we will get a complete picture of your current state of health in order to identify possible risks at an early stage. The 360 ​​degree check-up is particularly suitable for people with family history, people aged 45 and over and working people who want to actively take care of their long-term health.

Where can I find more information about the 360 ​​degree check-up?

You can find detailed information about the 360 ​​degree check-up here.