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Pulmonary function analysis

What is a pulmonary function analysis?

A pulmonary function test is, as the name suggests, an examination that... Function of the lungs and other respiratory tract is checked. Various test procedures are available for this:

  • Spirometry (in practice also called "Lufu" for "lung function")
  • Spiroergometry (examination of lung function under physical stress)
  • Determination of diffusion capacity (an examination of gas exchange)
  • Peak flow measurement (determination of air flow in the respiratory tract)
  • Body plethysmography / whole body plethysmography (based on volume determination)
  • Blood gas analysis (determination of the oxygen and carbon dioxide content in the blood)
  • drug test procedures (targeted influence on respiratory function using active ingredients)

A lung function test can be carried out both on an outpatient basis with a family doctor or a pulmonologist and as part of a hospital stay be performed. There are also simple devices for testing pulmonary function at home using peak flow measurement.

The costs for the lung function test are usually covered by statutory health insurance.

When do you do a lung function analysis?

A lung function test is used both for diagnosis and for monitoring the progress or success of therapy Diseases are used.

For example, a doctor can use it to diagnose narrowed airways (obstruction). This occurs primarily in the common diseases asthma and COPD. The lung function evaluation of those affected shows a reduction in the one-second capacity and the Tiffenau index. If the residual volume is increased, this can indicate pulmonary emphysema, often a long-term consequence of obstructive airway diseases.

What is the process of a lung function analysis?

In general, during a lung function test, the doctor determines various values ​​that provide information about the functionality of the lungs. As a rule, the patient has to breathe through the mouthpiece of a measuring device according to the instructions of the medical team or medical assistant.

What do I have to do? after a lung function analysis?

You should resume a normal breathing rhythm immediately after the lung function test. Try to breathe in and out calmly and evenly. If you feel a slight cough or dry mouth, you should drink a little. Following the pulmonary function test, your doctor will discuss the results and further action with you.