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Indication vaccination for chronic diseases

When do indication vaccinations make sense for chronic illnesses?

Especially for patients with chronic illnesses, for example long-term illnesses , which cannot be completely cured, vaccinations are particularly important. These include cancer, diseases of the respiratory system, the heart or circulatory system, the liver or kidneys, chronic intestinal inflammation, nerve diseases, metabolic diseases such as: E.g. diabetes or inflammatory rheumatic diseases.

It is precisely within these groups of people that the risk of severe courses or complications from diseases that can be prevented through vaccinations increases. According to the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO), all standard vaccinations should be carried out according to the vaccination calendar. However, there are other diseases from which you should be particularly protected.

What should I do?

Would you like to find out more about which vaccinations are important due to your chronic illness(es)? Then simply make an appointment to check your vaccination status in one of our Avi Medical practices and discuss it with our team of doctors. The team will advise you in detail whether you are sufficiently protected or whether you should receive a vaccination.