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Movement therapy training for back pain.

Get the Vivira digital health application on prescription from Avi Medical.

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viVira - Prescription app for back pain.

Vivira supports you with therapeutic training via an app for acute and chronic back pain.

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Your app on prescription for back pain.

Vivira is the most commonly prescribed app for back pain. It offers therapeutic training via app for home with 4 guided therapy exercises per day, weekly follow-up checks on pain and ability to move, PDF progress reports and monthly movement tests. All training content is continuously personalized.

How do I get my app on prescription?

As a general practitioner's practice, we see ourselves as a long-term companion in dealing with your illnesses. Our experienced and specially trained doctors will work with you to find the best treatment or solution for your individual complaints. For acute and chronic back pain, this can also be the VIVIRA app. In this case, a prescription for ViViRa will be issued to you. You can then send the prescription to your health insurance company in the usual way. You will then receive your individual activation code from this.

Program content
4 exercises a day for approx. 15 minutes
Medical algorithm
Step-by-Step Guide
Tips for pain
Visualization of activities and processes
Vivira Test
Instructions for correct execution
Information via video, sound, text
Individual training content
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Frequently asked questions

Is Vivira reimbursed by health insurance companies?
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Will Vivira also be reimbursed by my private health insurance?
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How long can I use the app?
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Who is Vivira suitable for?
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