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Our Vision

A new, positive dynamic between doctors and patients: modern medicine and the latest technology in service of lifelong health and wellbeing.

Our Approach

The medical practice - reimagined

Doctors and patients repeatedly experience situations that could be handled faster, smoother, and with more empathy. Avi Medical’s goal is to rebuild the medical practice from the ground up. A place where doctors spend more time listening and patients feel heard. Where technology isn’t an obstacle to manage, but a helpful support. Where modern medicine and holistic approaches aren’t a contradiction: a medical practice as it can and should be.


Book appointment via app

Book your doctors’ visit via the app - without the need to call. See all available appointments - no matter if you’re on public or private insurance.

Video call or physical appointment

Would you rather speak to your doctor via videocall or in-person at the practice? You decide.

Opening hours that fit into your schedule

You can visit us before, during or after work. We are conscious of your other commitments in life.

Modern facilities with the latest equipment

Our care facilities are designed to fully service your general medical needs and ensure appropriate physical distance to other patients.

Short waiting times

Our intelligent appointment booking system reduces your waiting time to the absolute minimum. Should things take longer than planned, we will notify you in real-time via push notification.

Medical care on your terms

When you visit us, you will receive our full attention. Our assistive technology helps our doctors spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on helping to improve your health and wellbeing.


The Founders

Dr. Christoph Baumeister
Co-Founder, CPO
Vlad Lata
Co-Founder, CEO
Julian Kley
Co-Founder, COO

Frequently Asked Questions


How does Avi Medical work?

Just like any other medical practice in Germany. Everything is digital though, so everything just runs smoother. This way, your doctor can focus more of his time on you and your health.


Does my public health insurance cover Avi Medical’s services?

Certainly! Avi Medical is open to everyone. Download the App, book an appointment, and swing by!


Are there any additional costs?

No. We are re-imagining the primary care practice as it should be, but everything is covered by public and private health insurance.


Where do I find the app?

From 2021 you can download it in the App Store or from Google play.


Why the name Avi Medical?

Avi is shortened for the latinized name Avicenna. He was a famous polymath, scientist, philosopher and physician around 1000 AD and pioneered many concepts of modern medicine.

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