Doctors at Avi Medical

So that doctors and nurses can once again focus on what is important and spend more time with patients.

Open positions for MDs
Our medical approach

We combine the building blocks for medicine in the 21st century

Doctor's offices
We have our own medical practices in central locations. Those feature a modern and welcoming design and are equipped with the latest medical equipment.
Specialized medical doctors
We offer a working environment and salary to hire the best general practitioners and specialists in Germany.
Digital product suite
We develop a  digital platform for patients and doctors, consisting of an app for patients and  software for doctors and medical personnel.
Software for medical doctors

Innovative software for medical professionals

With our intuitive and innovative practice software, doctors and medical professionals can keep an eye on the practice at all times. In addition to simplified medical documentation, the software facilitates the administration of procedures in the practice and thus reduces waiting times. As a result, doctors can once again focus on patient communication and spend less time on tedious administrative tasks.

Patient APP

Your own health at a glance

With the Avi Medical app for patients, we put a personal health assistant in the hands of the patients. The app offers patients the opportunity to better understand their health data, book appointments and follow their therapy plan more easily, as well as telemedicine consultations and a chat with medical professionals.

We support doctors in every respect

Attractive conditions for the best doctors

Less administrative work
Less tedious administrative work. Spend more time and patients and get a wholistic overview of the patients medical history even before the treatments starts.
Salary package
Competitive salary package plus virtual shares.
38.5-hour week with remuneration for overtime; at least 28 days of vacation plus 5 days of further training (at free disposal); flexible part-time models (optional home office telemedicine services).
Network advantages
Direct access to the network of general practitioners, possibility to switch between Avi's locations and support of personal development courses; cooperation with Amboss - fully integrated into our software.
In-house software development
Direct line to our software developers, who implement your suggestions for improving the practice software and patient app.
What else?
Membership in Germany-wide premium fitness studios, healthy snacks in the practice and support for English language courses.

We are located in the following cities

Not only is our headquarters located in beautiful Munich, but we are also planning to open two of our medical practices there.
Our first general practitioner's office in Ingolstadt will open in July 2021.
In April 2021 we will open a medical practice directly in the center of Augsburg.
In 2021 we will also start our footprint in Nürnberg.
Jobs AT Avi Medical

Our open medicalpositions

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Our application process

How we proceed after your application


Get-to-know interview
Video interview with one of the founders, so you can get to know us, our concept and we can ask questions about your motivation.


Medical Interview
30-minute conversation with one of our experienced general practitioners who would like to understand how you work as a doctor and answer your questions.


Personal Interview
45 minutes in person with our core team. During this time you will meet at least three members of the medical, software and/or practice management team.


Job Offer
You will receive an overview document with all relevant information about your employment contract. We will be happy to explain all details to you.

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